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BUILD a happier & healthier you!

Helping YOU get stronger, become healthier and feel more confident through a shift in daily habits and mindset.


Let me introduce myself! I’m Evie and I spent 4+ years on the gym floor with dozens of clients helping them in their health and fitness journey. The one thing that I noticed was that they would smash the session but would spend the rest of their week not knowing what to do, living their lives through a series of unhealthy habits.

So I created my online platform! My app & education platform.


I can help you way more in the hours outside of the gym than that one or two hours on the gym floor. Introducing healthy habits to your life that will last a lifetime!

Are you ready to come on a journey with me?




Joining the gym and having you as a PT was definitely the best decision I made! Thank you for teaching me, constantly believing in me and helping me grow both physically and mentally, even the little things like encouraging me to go to my first class was such a big step!


We work together to:


  • build your confidence so that you can strut into the gym feeling like a gym girl, taking up space and feeling strong 💪


  • grow your mindset so that you can feel comfortable in your body and no longer strive to be the smallest version of yourself.


  • implement daily habits so that you can start your day with a BANG - not always on the back foot rushing around.


  • empower you to start doing all the things on your vision board or bucket list. You’ve wanted to try pole dancing for ages - let’s get you booked on and giving it a go! ⚡️

We do this by:


✔️ setting you daily habits to tick off


🚶‍♀️ adding daily movement to your routine


💆‍♀️ creating a self-care schedule for you


🌯 making changes to your diet so it fuels you rather than leaves you feeling empty


💤 looking at your sleep hygiene and adjusting where needed


👭 talk through any barriers that are holding you back & resolve them



I struggled in my late teens and early twenties with wanting to be the smallest version of myself. Being overly restrictive and running on my mum's treadmill to lose fat I didn't even have to lose. Only eating one meal a day at uni to try and stay as small as possible.

Fast forward to now where I want to be the strongest version of myself. 

I've implemented daily habits which I look forward to doing and they help me live a life that I love. 

These habits have led me to feeling way more confident in myself - even going to events by myself which I would never of imagined doing.

I want to teach other women these habits and show them that they CAN do it.

Whatever is on your bucket list - I want to help you tick them off.


One of the biggest struggles I see is procrastination - we've all been there.

Join my FREE 5 day challenge to help you overcome it!

Let's get you building those habits.

5 tips to reduce procrastination

Want to know more?


Take a listen to my podcast on Spotify.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or want to know more then drop me a message below!

I have 1-1 online coaching and a group option with the Evolve with Evie program too! 

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