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My 3 Point Method

the three point method

The Foundations

These are the habits that we want to add to your life. They will look different for everyone. For example - workouts. Some people will want to do a pull up, some will want to move their body, some will want a quick 20 min at home workout to do. Any type of movement can be added to your day. We need to find what works for you.

Time & Tools

Practical barriers that are stopping you from any of these foundations. We talk them through and adjust things as necessary. Example: you want to journal but have no time. You sit and drink your cup of tea in the morning whilst scrolling so we look at replacing your scrolling with journalling instead.

Mindset & Motivation

My favourite one! We look at your mindset. What is holding you back? You are a perfectionist so if you have one day of not hitting your steps you have a meltdown and start again next Monday? We look at a weekly target for you instead.

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